Saturday, 26 January 2013

Unscheduled visit to Norwich

I was planning on meeting up with someone in Hales today. I caught the 36 with my bus pass and then was about to buy something when I realised my wallet wasn't in my pocket; I had left it on the bus. I had no money and no bus pass and no credit on my phone so I was quite stuck! I decided to wait on St Stephens street for the same 36 to return. An hour and a half later the bus came back waiting to depart for Long Stratton. I asked the driver if anybody had handed one in but he said no, then told me to run upstairs and check where I found it hiding under the front seat in a corner! So lucky that nobody had picked it up and kept it. The unscheduled wait however gave me the perfect opportunity to have a look around to see what buses I could find.

The first spot of the day was Anglian's 608 (AU62DWL) sat parked waiting to go out on the 588. I recognised the driver as my old school bus driver from Goldline Travel three years ago! He didn't see me though. I saw the bus go past in Stoke Holy Cross on the way home on the 587 aswell.

Whilst at the bus station, a First X2 branded bus came into view and I only just managed to realise it was not one of the two new painted buses that I know about! Here is AU05MUP waiting to embark to Lowestoft, still with Norwich on the screen! 

Talking of X2 services, I noticed this bus on the X2 Fast service in Norwich yesterday, the LED screen annoyingly disappearing for my photo as any other bus photographer can relate to.

So all in all, a good day with some new spots and a dose of sledging in the afternoon!...............Zak

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