Wednesday, 16 January 2013

X1 Delays: A special Repot

As non-Norwich readers may have picked up, in terms of bus services, the whole of Norwich appears to be falling apart!!! Terry Wilkins contacted Norwich Bus Page Yesterday with a very interesting story......
"Hi Guys,
            This late afternoon, services in Norwich, from all bus operators, came to an end today because of the heavy blocked-up traffic jams in the city centre. Also, because of a 3HGV jacknife on the A47, just pased the A11, the X1 was also abandoned as one passenger left Derham on the X1 after 1.00pm and finally got to Norwich at 7.30pm (ish). Bexcause of the pile-up, he ended up waiting in the bus, in the traffic jam, for 5, ish, hours. Finally, another bus took him to Norwich. He, myself and my dad also, whilst at st stephens street, found out that all bus services, in Norwich had been cancelled and we ended up having to go back to Yarmouth via the train. Strangely, although the X1 was cancelled, some made their way to Great Yarmouth and stopped there."
Norwich Bus Page is giving updates, however, check out the Norwich Bus Updates on Twitter for more info (

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