Tuesday, 26 February 2013

AnglianBus Causes Chaos!

First of all, we have revised the fleet lists and will bring them out in the beginning of March.

The culprit? X386NNO, holding up the traffic in Gorleston
Secondly, although this is a bit further out than Norwich, I thought it would be a good idea to post this next happening! I go to college in Gorleston and regularly walk down the high street just to see if there's any interesting things going on. My efforts were rewarded yesterday when I came across an Alexander ALX400 parked here right at the end of the bus stop with its wheels facing into the road. As you can imagine, this was rather misleading as the traffic behind the bus assumed it was waiting to pull out. As you can see in the photo, car drivers were very polite and holidng back to allow the bus to pull away and were rather annoyed when it didn't move, as it was parked. I watched for about five minutes and one driver sat behind the bus flashing and beeping to signal to the bus to pull out. When it didn't, the car violently sped away and came to a slow hault next to the drivers window with a very angry look which then turned to complete bemusement when he realised the drivers seat was empty! I'm sure, as was I that he was very shocked at how a bus driver can park so erratically and misleadingly, making it look as if hes trying to pull out. I couldn't find the driver so still have no idea why it was parked there but it was used on the 731 Rackheath route later that day.
X386NNO on the 731

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