Thursday, 14 February 2013

Local Bus Sales

I have just read on the East Norfolk Bus Blog that a lot of Local Bus operators have listed some buses for sale in the Route One Magazine.

Two Swift Taxis buses are for sale, one being Caetano Nimbus FJ53VDL named Swiift Lark, as previously reported it is for Spare or Repairs. The second which took me and I'm sure many others by be surprise is BMC Probus BX54VUM has been put up for sale, with Swift it carried Fleet Number 139 and Fleet Name Swift Nightingale. Both are Ex Amza buses which were acquired in December 2009 following the Acquisition of the company by Swift.

 The second operator is Reynolds, not only are they selling their three Toyota Midibuses but they have also listed their two Dennis Javelin Plaxton Paramounts for sale, they are CHZ4794 & CHZ4796.

The third operator is Anglianbus, apparently they sold three Scania OmniCitys to Sanders Coaches, which were thought to be YN03UVV, YN03UVM & YN03UVU (yet to be confirmed) another has been listed for sale in Route One mag the identity is currently unknown except we know its an 03 Reg.

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  1. Two of the three former Anglian Scanias, you thought had been acquired by Sanders, are currently at MAN Truck & Bus in Felixstowe


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