Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Save BEV105X

This might be a bit further afield than usual, but none the less worth reporting, the future of BEV105X a Ex Hedignham Omnibuses Leopard/Plaxton is uncertain, so a group has come together to try and raise the funds to save and return it to its home in Essex.

(C) Chris Sampson
The group also hope to add the name of the former Hedingham OmniBuises Managing Director Mr Donald Mcgregor who sadly passed away in October 2012 to the bus.

Currently five people have joined the consortium, if you want to help then please contact Colin over at the Ipswich Bus Page at


  1. Thanks for Helping Spread the Word about trying to Save BEV Facebook Page is

  2. Happy to help, Hows it going, any closer to saving BEV?

  3. Atm We have 5/6 People maybe a Scottish Person interested, We are looking for around £2300 that includes recovery to where she will live,we are also looking at other options


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