Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Trouble on the buses! No. 3

YJ06FZK on the A47 in Blofield
in August 2012
The Anglianbus 731 Service has once again been experiencing more trouble! On Monday morning I waited for the 731 at South Walsham, it eventually turned up 30 minutes late in the form of Optare Tempo YJ06FZK, it turned out the bus was having trouble and Fleet Support was working on it. before it left the depot (Rackheath which is 10 minutes from South Walsham) It was evident that the bus was having troubles as through out the whole one hour journey the engine over heating alarm was going off and the engine was making some very weird noises. The driver kept phoning the depot but got told to keep going!
So as you can imagine I had quite a headache by the time the bus finally got to Great Yarmouth.

YN03WRG on the A47 in Gorleston
in December 2012
Eventually YN03WRG was sent out to replace YJ06FZK as it was noted on the same duty on the A47 as YJ06FZK would have been.

X386NNO on the 731 in Gorlseton
on February 2013

While on the subject of the 731, it would be much appreciated if readers would sign my petition for more frequent 731 buses to run and with smaller buses, like Optare Solos instead of running one bus a day. For example a regular on the route is X386NNO which is very past it and isn't suitable for the route as it constantly hits trees.

The online petition can be found and signed here:


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