Saturday, 2 February 2013

Visit to Beccles

I was passing though Beccles today, and thought it the ideal opportunity to visit AnglianBus. I walked from Worlingham which took me six minutes less than Google Maps predicted, I was quite proud of myself :P

 Anyway, the first thing that caught my eye as I came into the depot were two brand new MAN EcoCity's; so brand new, that they had no decals and not even any registration plates! I am currently in contact with AnglianBus to try and find out what the registrations may be.

As you may know, Anglian's 400 (X228WRA) caught fire last week and is currently sitting at the back of the yard looking very sorry for itself. Unfortunately, I was strongly advised not to take a photograph as investigations are still ongoing.

Whilst waiting for my bus back home, I looked over my shoulder to see a KonectBus! I was very excited initially because of which one it was, but then it came to me that no Konect services run through Beccles. As I walked to the other side of the road to take a photo I read the destination screen and that lead me to believe that Konect have either lent or sold their Excel to Anglian to replace the burnt one. Again, I a still in contact with Anglian to confirm this. For more photos from my visit, please visit my flickr!

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  1. Konect's 229 excel is on loan to Anglian, and it was cited on Monday for the first time. Not sure how long the loan is for, however, many of their excels are to go when all of the lloynes go into service so it may not go back to konect, but I would imagine it will as the vinyls are still on. :)


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