Monday, 18 March 2013

004 Workings

AnglianBus 503 - AO57 EZL on the 004 this afternoon
Anglian's 004 is usually run by two Solos: AU58AKK and AU58AKN. I have been told by the driver of AKN that his bus has been having lots of trouble recently, hence the presence of AU08GLY, T400CBC and YJ60KGV on the route this week. I was told that the MAN EcoCity's will not be used on the route due to a low bridge on the bottom of Long John Hill and this was why I was very surprised indeed to see Scania OmniDekker 503 AO57EZL displaying the 004 on the screen this afternoon! Either it is genuine and it diverted around the bridge which is possible, or the display screens are mucking up again. About 2 minutes after I took this photo it parked up on St Stephens street and the display screen changed to 588.

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