Tuesday, 19 March 2013

124 workings

Continuing with the theme of different workings, today Anglianbus 448 YN03WRG was noted on the 6:45 124 to Norwich, 8.00 124 to South Walsham and the 9.00 124 to Norwich. I think a different bus does these duties every week day as it fills in for V227KAH which does the 830 / X47 in the early mornings and late afternoons, and does 124 runs in between as Plaxton Beaver V227KAH was noted on the 11:00 124 to Norwich this morning.

Also noted on the 124 today was MX53FDO & YJ51XSM.

There has been slightly more variety on the 124 since AO57BDY caught fire a couple of months back.

I will keep an eye out early tomorrow morning and hopefully get more pictures.

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