Saturday, 9 March 2013

An interesting day in Norwich: 9th March 2013

Today I took the some 50 minute bus ride into Norwich, for no reason, just to go see some buses - I mean no plans to get pics of certain buses. As soon as I got off on Castle Meadow, I saw a silver bus come round the corner, on closer inspection I discovered it was yet another demonstrator with Simonds!

Well with the best spot of the day out of the way, here are the rest of my pictures.
Turquoise branded 66348 was operating Orange Line services 21 and 22.

Chenery NBN 922 - I believe this to be re-registered to this. As I had no
clue this exsisted! 

Norfolk Green 8 was on the X29. Two
Enviro400s are on the way soon!
If you know any better about the Chenery Coach then comment below, or drop us an email at

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  1. i emailed when i sent pics for competion about NBN922 being on a netional express coach
    Omar Atiallah


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