Saturday, 23 March 2013

Coach Galore - Week 2

 Today and tomorow the rail line at Thorpe End is closed for maintenance meaning many services are being replaced by coaches again. I popped to the train station in the morning, however, it was so cold I came out an hour and a bit later! Besides, I still managed to photograph some decent vehicles.....
Regal Busways were using this former Hedingam Volvo B10M/Plaxton
One of three Freestones vehicles in use was this Irizar Century.

Galloway were using some very smart coaches, including this B12B based
Volvo 9700.

Something that never really kicked off was the MAN based Plaxton
Panther. Simonds has one which runs in this plain white livery.

Chenery were once again on the scene with this Setra S250 in the white
based livery.

Galloway were using this VanHool T916 Astron, not the kind of coach which
usually appears on rail replacement work!


  1. Great shots as usual, Kieran.

    Is NBP going to have another background competition soon?

  2. Firstly, Thanks Sam :) I don't know about the background as its up to Zak :)

  3. Sam, I believe it will probably be at the end of the month, probably middle of next week sometime.


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