Saturday, 9 March 2013

More Pics from Norwich

as Kieran has already mentioned, Simonds have another demonstrator an Enviro200. I also photographed this and YN03UVT, an ex Anglian Omnicity. Although it is not the first one as I photographed YN03UVR a couple of weeks ago.
Throughout the day, the weather began to gradually deteriorate with the rain turning to snow. AnglianBus 320 is pictured here going through a small ford in Hempnall at 11:58 this morning. I bought a return ticket to Norwich about 15 minutes later but when I returned to the bus stop to catch the last bus, the driver informed me that he cannot pass through Hempnall, Shotesham or Saxlingham due to the high waters. Water had obviously been inside the bus as it is a low floor and bus doors don't seal. I thought that was fair enough but when I didn't refund my ticket, I wasn't amused! I was stranded in Norwich but luckily bumped into someone I know who gave me a lift home. The waters are now subsiding after five breakdowns the latest of which is a rather posh BMW which is getting personal breakdown recovery! An interesting day to say the least, hopefully the snow won't make the roads to treachourous tomorrow.

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