Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Mysterious phone bus....

Danny pictured a mysterious Plaxton President with a all-over advertisement for the Nokia Lumia Phone in Norwich yesterday, unfortunately he did not catch the registration or the destination screen which just adds to the mystery of who's it and what the reg is?

People have been speculating in comments on Flickr with First and Norse being the main suspects, we can safely rule out Anglianbus & Konectbus as they do not have adverts on their buses. People have even suggested that it might be a display to just advertise the phone and the bus wasn't in service, who knows...

If any has any info don't be afraid to get in touch via Comment, Email or Twitter.

Many Thanks to Danny for the pictures, the copyright remains with him. Check out his Flickr Photostream for more pictures from Norwich.


  1. Joe - all is revealed at http://allaboutwindowsphone.com/flow/item/17072_Nokias_Lumia_Roadshow_Bus_offe.php

  2. This isnt a Plaxton President! It's an East Lancs Lolyne, like the ex-B&H anglian ones! :)


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