Saturday, 30 March 2013

New buses due in May

The Route One Magazine has reported the 22 new Alexander Dennis Enviro400s due for the X1 are due in May - just over 1 month away! They have also reported that the older Volvos will be moved to run shorter routes.

For more updates on the new X1 buses, keep checking here throughout the coming months or head over to the X1 Blog.

One of the Volvo B9TLs that the new Enviro400s will replace on X1 duties.


  1. i heard norwich and yarmouth are getting them

  2. i got told there coming at the start of may

  3. I hope the new X1 livery isn't the same as the current one, and I really hope it's not like the X2 livery, cause that sucks!


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