Monday, 25 March 2013

New First Bus Caister Road arrivals

Following our previous report of First Great Yarmouth taking delivery of one new Dart from First Essex in the form of 42919 EU05AUL last week, well today a further three were noted in service around Great Yarmouth today, the full list is as follows:

42919 - EU05 AUL
42920 - EU05 AUM
42921 - EU05 AUN
42929 - SN05 EAJ
First Great Yarmouth is obviously having its fleet upgraded, its not looking like the new livery will be coming to Yarmouth yet.

We'll have to keep an eye out for more new arrivals over the next few weeks.


  1. Only 42919 & 42929 are currently in use, the other two are awaiting entry into use

  2. Did see 42920 today looks a bit scruffy big old scratch n/side but as needs must and it moves nuff said

  3. What joy, the newest Yarmouth buses are 8 years old! Those were the days when regular deliveries of new buses were shared around the depots and the Borough had new buses most years!!

  4. Thanks for all you comments! Thanks for the info and reports Grahame and Tim. Harnserbus, unfortunately I cant remember those times, I was born in 1998, so always been a First Bus boy - which im not happy with :)

  5. Good to see a Dart with LED display ;)


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