Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Remaining MAN EcoCity's in service

 I visited AnglianBus today to try and find out if the remaining three EcoCity's had been registered. On the X2 I spoke to some fellow enthusiasts David and Richard who informed me I had just missed 611 AU13FBJ working the 601. They informed that the driver said he was assigned it due to his own MAN being worked on in the garage. When I arrived at the garage, I spoke to a mechanic who confirmed that MAN have been visiting and are checking on every single gas bus at the moment so the 13 reg ones will be used on various services in the next few weeks. I photographed 612 AU13 FBK and 613 AU13FBL at the depot, and later saw 612 working the 146.

I have noticed that Anglian seem to be mixing up their allocations a bit at the moment. The 121 is normally run by the smaller Optare Solos, as is the 004 however today I photographed X386NNO on the 121 and Versa YJ60KGV on the 004. The Solo normally on the 004 was noted in Beccles on the 581, usually run by the Versas. Why the allocations have been chopped and changed is unknown. Also seen today was Wright Eclipse Gemini 2 from Norwich BD11 CDZ on the X1 to Peterborough, still serving due to an X1 branded bus being involved in an accident the other week.

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