Saturday, 30 March 2013

UPDATE - Reynolds Coach made famous

We have had confirmation by Reynolds that it was Lady Josie, BIG 9842 and it just happened to be passing at the time of filming.

This evening many norfolk enthusiasts got rather excited by the fact a Reynolds of Caister Plaxton Premiere appeared on BBC one's Doctor Who...
The Reynolds coach passes The Doctor and his new assistant.
I have watched a paused and zoomed in as much as possible but I still cannot make out a name. All I have narrowed down my speculations to it being either: BIG 8774, BIG 9853 or BIG 9854.

As normal, if you know anymore than we do, pop a comment underneath!

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  1. I have reason to believe that it is BIG 8774 as the other two have '70 seater' written on the farside rear. BIG 8774 doesn't so after thirty minutes of replaying, pausing and rewinding I have discovered that it is, in fact, BIG 8447 'Lady Helen'


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