Tuesday, 9 April 2013

A visit to Sanders: 7th April 2013

Marcus Kerton kindly sent us his pictures from a visit to Sanders on Sunday... here are just a few!

First of all is this amazing shot of some of the buses present at the Holt depot.
I counted 12 vehicles visible. 

Five Mercedes Benz Varios, all bodied by Plaxton. Two of which are recent
arrivals registered YN62 AAE and YN13 AVY.

Also new arrivals at the coaching fleet are these two Jonckheere SHVs, registered
OGR 647 and RDV 903.

Finally, we have this fomer Arriva Yorkshire ALX300, which by the looks of it
was used for spares for another vehicle.

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These are not all the photos, more will be added to our Google+ page in a minute!


  1. will you be going to konectbus this week? There has been a shortage of bendys on 604 for a while, and I was thinking it may be due to 1 or 2 away for repaint into Costessey P&R livery?

  2. Hey Ben, I'm not part of the NBP team but I can tell you that BX54UEA and BX54UDV are already in the Costessey Park & Ride livery, however they are very unreliable so are barely ever used on the route. I believe they've sat around at Konect for over two months now. BX54UDK returned from the paintshop in September/October 2012, however was in the wrong shade of green so Konect refused to put vinyls on her. Hope this helps :)

  3. Hi Sam - I realised that they were unreliable, but as they have 5 in konect colours and not able to go on route 5 as planned, I thought they may change a few of the konect 57 plate bendies into costessey livery. It's just weird how they have 5 KB livery bendies 1 on the 10 and only 3 needed for Costessey, and as they never seem to have 3 on there anymore, I thought something may be happening with them. Interesting info about the wrong colour though! I wondered why they didn't brand her up :)

  4. Ben - what sam has said is true. I did pop round to Konectbus whilst in the area yesterday. I can confirm their new depot is open. As for the bendies, there were no repaints from the ones I saw :)

  5. Just wondered why there hasn't been a whole set of bendys on the 604 for the past couple of weeks, as there should always be at least 1 KB livery one spare. Strange! lol

  6. I think a few 57 reg bendys should be painted into the Costessey Park and Ride livery because at the moment you hardly ever see a branded Costessey P + R bus and don't get me wrong but personally I think Konectbus could lose the contract for the site if they don't get their act together, as I cant see NCC being to happy with the lack of branding

  7. I like how this conversation has nothing to do with the actual post :)

  8. On Wednesday last week, Konect had two Tempo's and one Citaro on the 604. I'm not sure how many vehicles are needed for the 10, but I reckon Konect had Citaro(S) on the 10.

  9. Yeah, they should paint some 57 reg ones into Costessey livery, but that will cost them alot! Konect aren't gonna waste money on repainting vehicles just because two Citaros are unreliable. That'd mean they'd have to repaint six Citaros. The 54 reg ones int KB livery and the KB ones in Costessey livery, and that ain't cheap.

    Mind you, Kieran heard a rumour that they'd be painting three Citaro's into Thickthorn livery! :D That'd be cool to see but only a rumour so who knows...

  10. I think that would great, the 57 Reg ones split between Thickthorn and Costessey and then use the 54 regs in kb livery on both sites and the 10. I don't well ever see bendys on the 5 now like we were supposed to :)

  11. They also have deckers lot on the 10 :)

  12. But having 5 in KB livery is going to work out worse in the long run as they aren't allowed on any route apart from P&R now


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