Saturday, 6 April 2013

Competition at Taverham High School

In late March First Norwich released they were launching an afternoon service from Taverham High School to Norwich on April 15th. This route would leave Taverham High School then run the route of the 28 in reverse through Thorpe Marriott, then go to Drayton and operate into the City Centre. This is a very good idea as students currently have to do a 10 minute walk to the stop at Broadgate for the 28 into the city centre. Many students miss the bus as it leaves at about 15:10.
Looking at the new Norfolk Green timetables, I have realized that a Norfolk Green X29 has been diverted in the afternoon to leave Taverham High at 15:15, where it then operates via Kingswood Avenue, in Thorpe Marriott and back onto the A1067. Not only this, the 07:40 bus from Norwich will operate via Thorpe Marriott and call at Taverham High. The X29 changes come into place from May 4th.


  1. Hope First give up and go away :) I'd love to get a NG bus home from school :D

  2. First EC is probably now one of Firsts main operations now there probably going to sell First London.


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