Monday, 1 April 2013

FirstNorwich Debranding Buses

The opinions below are truly points of view of various people I've been in contact with. At the moment, we are still currently unsure about what is going to happen.

36174 (BD11CFY) without the BlueLine colour at the top
There has recently been a lot of speculation about the future of FirstNorwich. These became apparent when many people started to notice more and more of the buses are losing their Norwich Network branding. One of the main rumours currently circulating is that First may be selling their Norwich bus division. One year ago, First announced that they would be selling certain divisions due to fall in profit however no specific locations were mentioned. I have contacted First and Stagecoach about the matter as Stagecoach would be most likely to take over if this rumour is true.

Stagecoach didn't give me a direct response but said "There's always speculation about our business but if we have any plans to expand our operations we would make an announcement" 

What Stagecoach said doesn't really answer our questions, maybe they're reluctant to say at the moment?

Another option is that they're swapping the buses allocations around as more buses may be needed on a different line. Whatever happens, we will keep you informed! 


  1. 32211, 32212, 32214, 33006, 33146 and 33165 aren't even branded for Norwich. They still carry the basic First livery. 33169 is missing the 'Orange Line' sticker on top front window, 36174 is missing the 'Blue Line' sticker on the top front window, and several Pink line buses have been seen on the Purple and Orange Lines. Blue Line buses have been seen on the Purple Line. They must be getting sold, there's no doubt about that.

  2. when u see pink line on orange line i saw it on purple line other day and btw 33006 not branded as i think its at lansdown rd and is fire damaged u mean 33003 :-)

  3. and when u see blue line on purple line

  4. iv been talking to a driver its here to stay

  5. not found any other rumours about total sale but in my opinion its a shuffle of wheels around possibly connected to the new X1 metal arriving just seen the new stuff they have in chelmsford and taking into account what Essex sent makes me think "all change" lol

  6. 33003 is now missing top front window sticker and ticker tape on the first nearside window.


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