Tuesday, 16 April 2013

General Update

I was out and about yesterday with my camera, and noticed a few workings that may be of interest. Firstly, there was an East Lancs Lolyne working the 8. The 8 is usually ran by route branded Enviro400s so this was a rare spot!
Next, we see Norse's Irisbus Agora Line. This is usually ran on the 100 route to County Hall. Here we see it working the 605 to Postwick Park and Ride.

To the left, is a photograph of two Volvo B7TL Alexander ALX400s, working on X2 duties. 30901 (to the right) is seen here on its first day of service. This later was involved in a collision with a building in Beccles, resulting with significant damage to the upper deck. Nobody involved was hurt. Other sightings included Yarmouth based Pointer EU05AUL broken down on an X1 short service, and a Wright Streetlite made an appearance on the 004

Finally, I spotted this Setra S315GT-HD driving through Long Stratton. It is Chenery's T777RWC, earlier sporting a standard blue livery. This has now been replaced by a Newmarket Holidays livery. Presumably a new contract signed up by the company.