Saturday, 20 April 2013

Looking back - Great Yarmouth Part 1

The first in a new series which looks back at the bus scene at local east Anglian towns, today where looking at Great Yarmouth in 2005 / 2006, all the images used in this article are copyrighted to David Beardmore and used by us with his kind permission.

First off, we have Our Bus Dennis Dart Plaxton Pointer 2 SN53LWL running a 731 to Rackheath, OurBus used to mainly run local bus services but now focus on their Coach operation. The 731 route is now run by Anglian bus. SN53LWL is now in service with Southdown PSV.

Ambassador Travel are seen here running a 837 to Aylsham, using a former Diamond (J H Hammel) Dennis Javelin Duple G959WNR, Ambassador owned several of these Dennis Javelins after the supply of usable Leopards dried up.

Caroline Seagull was once the Towns largest operator, but due to much competition causing financial problems they closed their operation during the spring of 2008 with all of its vehicles being sold off. Setra 535FN is seen here passing through the Market Gates on Service 701 which ran between Norwich & Great Yarmouth.

Amza or otherwise known as Travel Royall is seen here using FJ53VDL a Dennis Dart SLF Caetano Nimbus on the 730 Reedham & Great Yarmouth Circular. Caetano Compass S511XCR was also a regular on the route.
The Lingwood based company was sold to Swift Taxis in December 2009, all routes were and buses were passed on to them. The 730 Service is now run by Ambassador Travel and FJ53VDL is now with Shropshire Bus & Coach after four years of service with Swift.  

Another Our Bus is seen here running a 731 to Rackheath Via South Walsham, this time in the form of Plaxton Beaver SF54OUY, the 731 used to require around two buses to run the frequent route.

First eastern Counties Routemaster JJD480D is seen here running its traditional seasonal service linking the Sheashore Holiday Park with Hemsby beach. She still puts in an appearance during the summer months ever year in Yarmouth.

Another First Eastern Counties Routemaster is seen here running the seasonal service 3, this time in the form of SMK717F, she now occasionally attends bus rallies.

Look out for part 2 of looking back at Great Yarmouth next week!