Sunday, 28 April 2013

Looking back ~ Great Yarmouth Part 2

Its the second and final part of the Looking back at Great Yarmouth series in 2005.

 First Eastern Counties Plaxton Paragon AO02RBZ is seen here running the X1 from Peterborough to Lowestoft, to this day Plaxton Paragons can be found on the route.

 Former FEC Norwich Park & Ride buses could be found frequently running Yarmouth town services, Dennis Dart R466CAH is seen here sporting a Harford Park & Ride livery on Service 7 to Belton.

First Eastern Counties G456KNG is seen here running a 8 to Caister, not sure these would cope with the present day Service 8.

First Eastern Counties K62KEX is seen here running bus 8 to James Paget Hospital, she is now in preservation.

It’s been a long time since the Yarmouth ASDA circular bus has been branded, Leyland National TCW868T is seen here resting between Circular duties.
She can now be found disused at Ambassadors yard in Yarmouth carrying the registration PJT 267R, although Ambassador still run the ASDA Circular.

Anglian Bus Wright Solar YR02ZYL is seen here running the 581 in the old Anglian stripes livery, she is now with Galloways.

Caroline Seagull Leyland National RSG814V is pictured here running the Yarmouth Seafront Circular, which is the equivalent to today’s Our Bus YAR1 Service and Swifts 500 Service.

Swift Taxis once operated a Year round circular service which was the 600, which linked the Market Gates with the James Paget Hospital via Southtown etc. Optare Solo YK55ENL is seen here carrying the name ‘Swift Snipe’ she is now with Simonds carrying the registration SIJ 82.
The 600 was originally operated by Anglian Bus, Ambassador to this day now run their own perception of the route which is the 607 Service.

First Eastern Counties F142MBC used to be a regular on the 604 Service, which ran between Lowestoft & Hemsby. She was new to Leicester City Bus.

Many Thanks to David Beardmore for his kind permission to use his pictures, all of them are copyrighted to him.

Look out for next weeks edition of Looking Back where we will be doing Norwich in 2004 / 05.