Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Monday Meander

I really need help coming up with a general post name for these regular spot updates! 

Anyway. I was out and about in Norwich this morning, as my only lesson at college on Mondays is in the afternoon. I photographed a few things that took my interest. 

First of all, I noticed a number of Presidents on Blue Line routes. I am unsure why this is as I only tend to see these in the evenings. I saw bout four different ones! 

I saw AnglianBus Versa AU08 DKL on Saturday with a piece of paper in the windscreen reading the route number, but the destination screen was also on. Yesterday however, the screen was definitely not working! As you can see here, just an orange fuzz was visible, with the route number 587 barely visible at the bottom of the windscreen.

 I also believe that we have been incorrectly calling the Sunsundeguis around here Volvo B12Ms when infact they are B12Bs. I spotted this Ambassador Travel coach with B12B clearly placed on the bumper of this coach. )

Finally, I noted Anglians ex Metrobus YN03 WRG, still in the London livery, working on the 587. It tends to be used on 121, 122, 123, 124 and the A/X47