Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Photo Special: A visit to Norse

I call it a visit but really it was taking a few pictures through a fence. Being a bus enthusiast I will go to extreme lengths to get a picture of a bus; today, I stood in a bramble bush, got a few splinters just to bring you a few pictures.

7174 and 7175. 7174 (Right) looks minuscule when parked up next to this Plaxton

This Irisbus Agora Line never left Norse when the Park and Ride contracts
changed, infact it is still in the same livery. Poor thing never gets used!

Dennis Javelin 7104 (Left) and Iveco Eurorider 7156 (Right)

Dennis Javelins 7103 and 7123. These will not see much service over the
next couple of weeks due to the Easter Holidays.
Just on another note, i'd like to make it clear about a law I came across which is very helpful to us enthusiasts! If you ever get turned away from a depot, it is NOT illegal for you to take pictures from public land. 

A couple more of my pictures can be found on my flickr.

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