Sunday, 21 April 2013

Saturday Sightings

 I visited Kings Lynn yesterday, mainly to attempt to photograph one or more of the new double deckers that have entered service in the Norfolk Green fleet in the last couple of weeks. After waiting for over an hour, none turned up. I was disappointed, and hungry, so I left the station to go and buy some food. On returning however, I looked across and to my excitement I noted an Enviro400 had just pulled up! Knowing my luck I though it may be one of the 12 reg ones but it wasn't. SN13EEB was standing tall and proud among the other vehicles present. It has now received fleet names on the side.

As I was using the X1 for my journey, my bus ride back was a bit more interesting. There was an accident on the A47 at Narborough, meaning that we diverted towards Downham Market and resumed normal service in Swaffham. I enjoyed the diversion as the route was more interesting with stunning views thanks to the glorious sunshine, and with no stops between Kings Lynn and Swaffham, we managed to arrive back at Norwich near enough on time.

This is where I noticed a few odd workings. Norse's Irisbus Agora Line OW03FXG is still operating Park & Ride duties, still with the out dated destination screen. FirstGreatYarmouth Palatine S687AAE is on loan to Lowestoft and it is seen here operating the X2. Konectbus workings also seem to be swapping around a lot recently. W822 NNJ has been seen on the Dereham fast service 8 for the last couple of days, with Norwich Bus Updates admin Joe Wilson noting a Harford Park & Ride branded bus working on the 2.

 Here is my first photo of a branded bus being operated on the wrong line. MV02VBA is on Purple Line service 36 to Long Stratton, whilst AnglianBus 447 YN03WRF is seen here obviously experiencing some air pressure difficulties. It looks like its about to take off! The driver was unsuccessful in lowering the suspension but loaded the bus with his passengers, who had to climb about a foot, before embarking on his 588 duties; still with the back end only about an inch away from the floor.