Thursday, 11 April 2013

Signs of change

With the coming changes to the Norwich bus travel information and stop systems, many of the new signs can already by noticed in the city centre. The changes will see all of the main city centre bus stops 'clusters', such as St. Stephens Street, Castle Meadow and Norwich Bus Station be re-named to letters of the alphabet. Norwich Bus Station will have stops re-named A, B, C etc, whereas other stops will be re-named, for example, DH. (which is at Riverside). Despite the fact the changes are not in place yet, many of the signs can be seen around. Most of the stops at Norwich Bus Station have been covered by bin bags, however, I managed to snap a shot of the sign for Stop F.
This morning, signs were being put up at Riverside. The signs at the rail station have already been put up, as well as others in the city at Theatre Street and Koblenz Avenue.

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