Sunday, 14 April 2013

Sunday Travels - 14th April 2013

With Sam's post already underneath this, it's been an amazing day for NBP readers already, but here's just a little more bus news and pictures from today! Today, I visited the AnglianBus Depot, First Lowestoft Depot, Ambassador Travel Depot and Eurosun Coaches depot aswell as a quick visit to Lowestoft town centre. I am able to share a few of my pictures, but not all as I managed to take over 75 decent pictures.
First was my visit to AnglianBus, where the friendly staff were very happy to let me take pictures of the vehicles there. One of which being a Mercedes Benz Touro owned by fellow Go-Ahead subsidiary Chambers. My best guess is that this is on loan to Anglian as it was locked up in the middle of a massive line up of Anglian owned vehicles. Also present, but on loan, were Mistral Wright Streetlite MX12 JXV, which had no ticket machine which could mean it is going back in the coming days,  and KonectBus Optare Excel X229 WRA (229) which is still going strong on loan to Anglian.
Next, I headed into Lowestoft. Obviously, to the town centre bus station and First Lowestoft depot. At the depot I was lucky enough to catch the rear end of 30901, which has been newly repainted. Back in the centre of Lowestoft, I photographed similar vehicle 32655 on the 1A even though it is branded for the X2.
My fourth stop was just a few minutes away from the town centre; this time being Eurosun Coaches. Here I saw two newer coaches, which were King Long XMQ6127's, one of which was in Sunrise Direct Holidays livery (BX08 FAJ).. The other was in plain white, with a Eurosun fleetname on the front window (BX59 KWR). Also among the seven or eight vehicles in the fleet was Neoplan Cityliner NUI 5125, which a friendly chap who lives in a caravan on the site informed me had slid on an oil spillage from another road traffic accident and crashed into the rear end of a truck. Last but not least was Ambassador Travel, where I stood on the path which runs alongside it as I've heard they don't tend to let enthusiasts in. Nonetheless, I managed to get a picture of the rear end of what I believe to be a new acquisition, which is a Mercedes Benz Sprinter registered W892 MKU, which can be seen in the photo to the left.
Wow, what a great day it has been, not only in terms of the weather! As normal, loads more of my photos are available on my flickr photostream.

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