Sunday, 14 April 2013

Visit to Norwich depots 14th April

Throughout the morning, I visited several Norwich bus depots and thought I'd share the pictures with you.

The first place I visited was First's Vulcan Road depot. Being a Sunday, I knew there would be a lot of buses at depots which enabled me to get some good pictures.

A Pink Line Trident/President waiting to leave  on 11/11A duties

A shot of the yard, featuring a Red Line President in the far corner, an Optare Solo on the left, and three Purple/Pink Line President's on the right

 Next, I went to Lansdowne to get some shots of the Eclipses/Urban's.

Never realised just how many Green Line Eclipses there were until this morning. I counted at least eight in the yard!
A panoramic shot of the Eclipses/Urbans at Lansdowne Road
 Then, I walked over to Norse, as I knew the Park & Ride vehicles don't operate on Sundays. I got a couple of good shots of a line-up of Airport branded President's.
PN03ULT (7161), PN03UMD (7167), PN03UME (7168), PN03UMG (7169) and OY53REU (7155)

I also noticed PN03UMA with the top rear window open. I noticed this when I visited  Norse with Kieran and Zak on Friday, but due to excessively overgrown bushes, I couldn't get a good picture. This time I came armed with some gardening tools, and I managed to cut my way through the brambles - just for you guys!

Not sure if you can see, but in this shot there are, believe it or not, two Postwick branded  buses as well as two Sprowston ones. The other Postwick bus can be seen above, whereas the other Sprowston bus wasn't there - maybe it was off for a service?

 If you're visiting a depot, Sunday is the best day to do it as services aren't as frequent which means there will be more buses at the depot. As usual, feel free to send us your pictures to

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