Sunday, 12 May 2013

Anglian Bus Visit

Sam and I took the X2 to Beccles today to see if anything is changing at Anglian. We were surprised to see W744DWX being employed on the X2, along with two of the 05 reg branded buses. There are 5 branded buses altogether and they only need three on a Sunday, so we don't know why 30889 was on the route!

The day started off with a seemingly unannounced closure of most of the bus station, with all buses departing from the bays down the side. (see above). Despite the fences, tape and signs everywhere, many passengers were found wondering through the bus station as if nothing was happening. And as if to top it all off, this Konectbus managed to temporarily break down just as it was turning into the bus station, preventing Simonds' 118 service from entering. (See right)

 After all those shenanigans, along with Sam ordering the wrong ticket, we were relieved to finally arrive at our planned destination. Upon arrival, this large red coach loomed out at me. Chambers is also part of the Go-Ahead group, along with Anglian and Konect, so this coach is now on loan to Anglian to aid with it's school routes. Anglian also had a 2005 Mercedes-Benz Touro from Chambers on loan earlier in the year.

Not much else of interest was present, apart from the burnt out Optare Excel, X228 WRA which still sits forlorn at the back of the yard, now missing its windscreen. This interesting poster to the right was noted on board one of the ALX400s. We thought it was rather entertaining to say the least! 

In other news, it turns out that the decision to withdraw 66168 has been terminated, and it will be receiving a brand new engine, ready to enter service again whilst we await the arrival of the refreshed WV02 EUP.