Saturday, 11 May 2013

City Centre Sightings - 11/05/13

Whilst shopping in the city this afternoon with my family, I managed to get five minutes at the bus station to do a bit of spotting. 

When I arrived, the first thing I noticed is two Konectbuses, 612 and 408. 408 had just come off the 6, and was being taken over by 612, a bus branded for the 3 and 6. 

 FirstNorwich 53120 was noted on
Queens Street lacking her flip-dot desti - this has no doubt been
removed ready for leaving FirstNorwich when
management decide on replacement buses.
Norfolk Green 14 was out on the X29 this afternoon.
She's seen here resting at the bus station.
 I also noticed 33055 sat on St Stephen's with missing
branding on the front left window, similar
to the missing branding on 33003.

AN61LAN (439) was out on the 140/6 today. One of the
Gas buses must've been poorly!

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