Saturday, 25 May 2013

Farewell Swift Nightingale

New came today that Switfs BMC Probus 850-Club which has been advertised for sale in the last few editions of the Route One Magazine has found a buyer in the Bedford area.

BX54VUM was new to Amza / Travel Royall in 2005 and was given fleet name 'Queen Boudicca'.
 Then in 2009 it was acquired by Swift with the company, where it gained the fleet number 139 and name 'Swift Nightingale'.
With she ran many duties including, Coach hire, School Contracts and the Wroxham bus services.

 Lets see her in service!:

Amza BX54VUM working a Rail replacement service in Ely in 2005
(C) David Beardmore
Swift BX54VUM resting between Service TR14 duties
at Acle High School in 2010

Swift BX54VUM in Blofield running the 29 Service to Wroxham
 in 2012

BX54VUM sitting looking very smart awaiting a buyer at
Swifts Southtown Road depot in 2013
Many Thanks to Swift Taxis General Manager, Kevin Boyne for the information.