Friday, 17 May 2013

Fleet Update ~ FirstGreat Yarmouth

I visited Caister Road today just in case any of the buses had moved to a better position for photographs. The first thing I noticed upon arriving was three new vehicles that arrived today. These are:
As usual, allocations and fleetnumbers are unknown, however looking at the current list of the 22 darts, you can make educated guesses.
I was spotted taking photographs from the forecourt and was invited in to the depot to take some better shots. I was given a hi-vis and taken around the garage accordingly. A massive thanks to First for allowing this to happen. 20514 - WV02 EUP is due back on Monday, however against popular rumours, it has not been repainted, only vinyls have been applied. LT52 WTU is currently out of service due to a rear axle problem, this will be fixed and will return to service.
EG52 FGJ at the Market Gates
The current plan regarding withdrawals is that the older Yarmouth Darts will cease service and in Lowestoft, the MPDs are the most likely to be withdrawn. These are just current plans and are subject to change.
Finally, 43861 - EG52 FGJ is due to enter service this afternoon as it has been fully prepped and ready for service. Thanks to first, I was given a lift back to the Market Gates earlier from Caister Road in the new vehicle, the first member of the public to venture inside!