Thursday, 16 May 2013

Local operators helping out Western Greyhound

Two days ago a blaze at the Western Greyhound bus depot in Cornwall destroyed 35 vehicles, including four park and ride buses and two brand new coaches. In the past couple of days, the fire has caused major disruption to bus services in the area, however, managing director Mark Howarth told the BBC "More buses will be brought in to restore services, however, it would take a little while to get organized."
It has emerged today that Go-Ahead owned AnglianBus have sent Mercedes Benz O814D/Plaxton Beavers  207 and 213 have been sent on loan to restore services, with 217 following soon. Also, Norfolk Green have sent Solos 601, 604 and 610 which were due to leave today.

To read the report on the BBC website see here.