Wednesday, 15 May 2013


We, Norwich Bus Page are pleased to announce that we have exclusive information regarding the 21 ex-Jersey Darts that have been appearing around Caister Road for the last two weeks. As you may have read on the previous post, EG52FGD has been completely prepared for service along with Essex vinyls, and EG52FGJ was being prepped today. I returned to the depot just six hours later where EG52FGJ had been finished, and was sat at the back of the yard sporting Great Yarmouth vinyls.

I spoke with First and asked if they knew any more information regarding anything about the Darts. The said that all buses will be arriving within the next three weeks, and should be on the road by this time next month.

I was also given a piece of paper with all the information they currently have regarding fleet numbers and allocations. NBP are very grateful to First for allowing us to see this information: First of all, there are 22 Darts, not 21 as originally thought. One of them has a different fleet number that is out of sequence and I believe this to be a longer version of the bus. Here is the current data:


43854 - EG52 FFZ
43855 - EG52 FGC
43856 - EG52 FGD
43867 - EG52 FGE


43858 - TBC
43859 - TBC
43860 - TBC
43861 - EG52 FGJ
43862 - TBC
43863 - TBC
43864 - TBC
42358 - TBC (here is the odd fleet number)


43865 - TBC
43866 - TBC
43867 - TBC
43868 - EG52 FGX


43869 - EG52 FFL
43870 - TBC
43871 - EG52 FFV
43872 - TBC
43873 - TBC
43874 - EG52 FFY

We will endeavour to keep you updated on all things at Caister Road within the next three weeks as the remaining Darts arrive. No information regarding withdrawals of Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft's current fleet is known.