Friday, 3 May 2013

On the move again

FJ53VDL sitting at Swifts Southtown Road Depot
in January 2013
After just a couple of months with Shropshire Bus & Coach, Former Swift Taxis Caetano Nimbus FJ53VDL is advertised for sale again in the Route One Magazine, while with Shropshire Bus, FJ53VDL received a lot of maintenance to get her back to a usable state and fitted a new destination screen.

FJ53VDL was new to Amza / Travel Royall in 2004 and was acquired by Swift in December 2009 following the acquisition of the Company and its buses and routes.

FJ53VDL running a 29 Service in Blofield to Wroxham
in the Autumn of 2011

Before being sold to Shropshire Bus & Coach, FJ53VDL sat at the back of Swifts Southtown Road Yard for a considerable amount of time before being advertised for sale in the Route One magazine following the withdrawal of its services which it ran the TR1, 29 & 206.

Lets hope she finds a more local buyer this time!