Friday, 31 May 2013

Out and about on Friday!

I've been in the city centre and out to Norse quickly today, here are a few of my sightings! As i've got the week off school, I planned to get into the city to see some of the independent coach operator's vehicles come in on weekday only routes. Only one of the vehicles I planned to see appeared in the shape of Routespek M238 PNT, which was operating the 561 from Wrentham to Norwich. Whilst photographing it, a Mulleys VanHool Astron bodied Volvo B12BT, which I later got a photo of outside John Lewis.

Taking the short walk round to the bus station, I was greeted by Konectbus 604 operating the 2, a sight which many passengers appear to be happy about! Whilst on rival route Sanders X44, I noticed that Konectbus 412 on the 2 was almost full coming coming into Anglia Square; it's obviously proving popular! Also in the city, I noted AnglianBus 444 on the 123 and decker 510 on the 121 - a sight proving more and more common.
Jumping of the X44 at The Firs, I wandered down to Norse where I saw a few coaches having a clean, most probably ready for going back into daily use on Monday. Continuing out of the industrial estate towards the Airport, I spotted Sanders 1108, a relatively new arrival having a break opposite McDonalds.

In other news, many of Norwich's bus services are currently delays (As of 15:45) due to traffic light failures from Castle Meadow, to the rail station area.