Sunday, 19 May 2013

Out and about on Saturday

Sam and I met up with fellow admin Kieran yesterday to take a look at Konect's new depot, in the hope to photograph the three Costessy Park & Ride bendies before they left. Upon arrival, it was apparent that they had already been collected and this was confirmed by Konectbus. Thanks to Konectbus for allowing us to enter both of their yards to take photographs. On the left we see one of  many Citaro bendies that were being washed and refuelled throughout the morning, with the driver helpfully turning on the display board for Kieran's photo. In many of the photos Sam and I took, the drivers were also friendly, with smiles and a thumbs up! 

On the right here, is all but one of the ex-Brighton&Hove East Lancs Lolyne, all lined up, now all fully repainted into Konects livery looking very smart indeed. Look out for the new NBP header coming in June, featuring this line up!

An old Optare Excel is also present in the yard (visible to the right of the Lolyne photo) which sits broken, full of old parts and lots of spiders.

Upon returning to Norwich, we noticed that First's Blue Line bus BD11CFK is missing some of its NORWICH graphics. We were hoping to grab a photo of one of the two Konect Excels currently on loan to Anglian's Rackheath depot, however failed to spot them.

In other news, 20514 - WV02EUP is expected to re-enter service tomorrow on the X1 shorts, complete with new vinyls, and Great Yarmouth based 43446 - P446NEX has been withdrawn. 43861 - EG52FGJ broke down yesterday on its second day of service due to a dead battery.

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