Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Peoplemovers Depot Visit 1st May

After school today, I biked down to Peoplemovers' depot in Taverham, Norwich.

My aim was to collect some reg numbers for a fleet list. I knew E3 DEX, but knew there was more than one bus!

Peoplemovers have suffered two brake-ins. During the first, thieves stole all the fuel from the fleet, which was then considerably bigger than it is now. The second brake-in saw thieves steal a Mercedes Benz Mini Coach. R30PLE features Peoplemovers' bodywork, and was stripped of all her seats and filled with tools from the workshop. She was later found on the A47 and returned to Peoplemovers within a week.

R30PLE and RN53 NYP

Kieran informed me that Peoplemovers kitted out the interior and done heavy work on the exterior of R30PLE.

R30PLE is also the mini coach that was stolen from Peoplemovers last year. Burglars stripped the seats, and filled it with tools from the workshop before dumping it on the A47. The seats were left at the depot, and the mini coach was obviously recovered.

EOS 90 - E3 DEX (Peoplemovers' don't use fleet numbers)

My favourite - E3 DEX

Two Plaxton Cheetahs were also in the workshop, however they had no vinyls and no number plates. 

I am soon going to be putting together a fleet list once I clarify if any vehicles were absent from the depot, and which vehicles were inside the workshop.

If you have any details of Peoplemovers fleet members please contact me at