Thursday, 9 May 2013

Rare Allocations

I noticed a fare few rare allocations on my travels today.

Anglian Solo YN04LWP on the 146. As it was on the A146, it was going rather fast so I couldn't get a photograph.

I could get a photograph of FirstLowestoft 45119 RT09JPT running the 6 to Bradwell in Great Yarmouth this afternoon though. It was packed full to the brim with passengers, who may have been confused as to why there was a miniature bus running the route today wearing a different livery! Maybe First Great Yarmouth are trying to get their passengers used to the different colours, or are trying to work out which routes the Caetano Nimbus's can run successfully when they eventually enter service.
This was also a bit of surprise. Beccles based Optare Tempo was employed on the 588 this evening. Apologies for the poor photograph, but my camera was away at the time so it all happened in a bit of a rush!

In other news, FirstLowestoft 30900 and 30889 have appeared out of the paintshop in the new livery, with 30886 now sporting a new flipdot destination screen.