Saturday, 4 May 2013

Updates from Caister Road

I have managed to photograph one of the buses that was seen around the back of Caister Road today, along with three others that arrived a few days ago. All three of the most recent arrivals were hidden inside the garage behind buses and annoying walls. We can confirm that Paragon coach 20514 has gone to have a "smarten up". I have heard reports that there is a special "X1 Express" livery due to be applied to both coaches, however we cannot confirm this. SN05EAJ has not been seen for at least week.

Grahame Bessey - through the East Anglia Buses Yahoo Group - has reported the arrival of three more former Jersey Dennis Dart/Caetano Nimbus. Here is the full list:


No fleet numbers are confirmed as yet, however, it is known that they will be split between Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft with four going to Clacton.

Thanks to Grahame Bessey on the East Anglia Buses Yahoo Group.