Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Update ~ NBP

It is with regret that our YouTube channel has been deactivated once more. This is the second time we have deactivated this year, however we created a new account due to what seemed like popular demand. Since then, we have had very little public interest in the account and have therefore deemed it unproductive to continue. 

We are also currently assessing the success of our Facebook page. Due to an incident earlier this year, we have had to disable comments on the blog and we ask our readers to go over to our Facebook page if they wish to discuss posts, share photos or keep up to date. So click here to go over to the page, and get liking, sharing and discussing!

However, we are planning on starting a Flickr page, specifically for the blog. All images that are published on the blog will be uploaded onto the Flickr page with respective copyright crediting given. This means that if you send an image to feature on the blog, you are agreeing to out contributions terms and conditions which state that we may use the image in anyway that we wish as long as correct credit and copyright details are displayed. If you do not wish your contributed image to be uploaded on Flickr, please state so in the email. All images used on the blog from now on will also be uploaded on our Twitter and Facebook pages. We hope that these updates will improve your enthusiast experience with our blog.