Monday, 10 June 2013

AnglianBus Change Fleet Numbers ~ UPDATED ~

Click here and follow the link for an official fleet list of Konect and Anglian, supplied by Julian Patternson, courtesy of Andy's Bus Blog. Please note that buses in the 1000 sequence numbers are due for withdrawal. CSK 282, YN03WRG and YN03 WRF are not listed as they have been sold to Ensignbus. AO57 HCD is listed twice, one being AO57 HCC. We are unsure which fleet number is for which bus.

AnglianBus 108 (609) displaying both numbers on the 601
As part of Julian's take over of AnglianBus, there are sure to be many changes that take place within
the company. Many of them will probably be internal and won't be recognised by the general public or us enthusiasts. Something that I have noticed from today however, are the fleet numbers. Many buses were displaying their usual number, plus a different one.

MX53 FDP displaying its new number (906) underneath
its old number (305)
I can confirm that this is due to the fact that both AnglianBus and Konectbus are owned by the GoAhead group, and Julian is also MD of Konect. Many of Anglian's fleet numbers were duplicated on Konectbus, and to make vehicles easier to identify throughout both fleets, Anglian's fleet numbers will be changing so they are unique within the two fleets.