Saturday, 22 June 2013

Fleet Update ~ AnglianBus and First - UPDATED

43470 - R470 CAH in service in Great Yarmouth
earlier this month
Thanks to the arrival of 7 newer buses in FirstGreat Yarmouth's fleet, there has been some buses withdrawn, and some transferred to Lowestoft. We previously reported that 43487 (R687 DPW) was going to be transferred from Yarmouth to Lowestoft. We can now confirm that this is incorrect, and they have sent 43470 (R470 CAH) instead. This leaves just three Plaxton Pointer's operating in the Great Yarmouth fleet, these are:

43480 - R680 DPW
43481 - R681 DPW
43487 - R687 DPW

Meanwhile, ex-Lowesoft MPD 43359 (V359DVG) has arrived at FirstNorwich, ready to enter service on Monday on trial. If there is positive feedback from drivers and customers during this time, FirstNorwich will think about acquiring some newer ones to replace the Solos on the Purple Line routes.

Meanwhile, Anglianbus have acquired the three konectbus loanees that they have been using for the past month or so. They have now appeared on Anglianbus' website version of their fleet list as "ex-konectbus". Although the company's pdf version of the fleet list is now merged with konect's, they continue to list only Anglian vehicles on the webpage. Here is the list of the recently acquired Optare Excels. (Left: how they appear on Anglian's website)

216 - W216 PRB
218 - W218 PRB
229 - X229 WRA

784 EYB, displaying fleet no. 999 (Omar Atiallah)
It is unclear whether or not these will be repainted into Anglian's recognizable yellow and blue livery, as we are still unclear of the new management's plans for the fleet. They have already brought out a smashing new logo, however personally I don't think it fits with the current livery.

ex-Ministry of Defence coach 784EYB, has been issued the fleet number 1002. However here you can see it resting on school duties with fleet number 999. I am still confused as to why this is, as with the new system, numbers beginning with 9 are allocated to Optare Solos.

Finally, don't forget about EATM's annual Hop on a Bus Day which takes place tomorrow in Carlton Colville. There will be regular free services to and from local attractions and places of interest, including a service to Anglian's depot in Ellough, and a feeder return journey from Norwich. Click here to head over to their site for more info.