Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Gorleston High Street Re-open to buses

A number 1 bus to Martham on the High Street

At around 0920 this morning, Gorleston High Street re-opened to all vehicles, after a successful repair of the two caverns which appeared underneath the roads. There didn't seen to be any official notices put up and some people were still waiting on the diverted route. First officials turned up at one point and stayed until everybody was aware of the reopening. Even still, some members of the public were confused, as were some of the drivers; I noted a 1A to Lowestoft which skipped out the high street as the driver didn't seem to know the road was open. This caused some angst amongst passengers who had to wait another half an hour for their bus.
MX56HYP in Newcastle - © Chris Elsby
Meanwhile, I have done some research into the allocations of the seventeen buses due for Eastern Counties. Gemini FJ08FYN is likely to be in service in Great Yarmouth and is currently undergoing a repaint, whilst Enviro400 VT59JPT is earmarked to be sent to Ipswich. FirstNorwich are unaware of any new arrivals, so the rest may go to Ipswich aswell. However two MPDs (MX56HYO/P) have been spotted up in Newcastle in FirstPotteries livery. These were amongst the listed buses due for our region. So there may have been a misunderstanding somewhere down the line and most of the buses in the list may well end up somewhere completely different.