Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Maybe we won't go to Norwich.....

Anglians MX53FDM made a rather rare appearance on the A47 today in the place of YN05HFF which was evidently a mistake as it severely over heated on the 13:00 A47 to Norwich in Great Yarmouth Market Gates this afternoon, the bus pulled up in to Stand C with thick white smoke coming out of the back, and a very strong smell of burning rubber. Anglian Fleet Support van AO10FPE is seen here attempting to fix her, which had a fairly quick response time from Rackheath depot in 30 mins.

The Anglian driver did some persuading to the First X1 short driver (of WV02EUP) to take some passengers from the distressed bus, some were sent to YN07EZB on the X47, but some people who wanted to get the bus to Blofield or Brundall had to wait until the 14:40 A47 much to their annoyance.