Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Yellow Line rare working & Updates from Caister Road

The first time a Blue Line bus has ever operated the Yellow Line, for more
photos see my Flickr
This afternoon, I arrived home from school to see 36170, Blue Line branded, shoot past my bedroom window on the 28 to Norwich. I ran downstairs and raced it through the Thorpe Marriott on my bike (as you do) to finally beat it into Drayton and catch this picture.

For those of you interested, I'll be starting a Yellow Line Blog this evening featuring news, updates and allocations of buses on Yellow Line services 28, 28A, 29, 29A, 29B and 29S. You'll be able to find this blog from 1940 at

Meanwhile over in the East of the region, more ex-Jersey Darts are entering service leading to a number of buses leaving the fleet. The latest withdrawal is P441NEX. Here she is seen working service 5 to Blue Sky back in March.

Other Yarmouth buses have been transferred to Lowestoft as First extend their working lives. R687DPW is the latest Yarmouth exile to appear in Lowestoft. This joins R478CAH which was transferred a few weeks back

Just for those of you wondering, that leaves three more ex-Jersey Darts to enter service in Yarmouth: 42358,  43863 and 43864 and just one in Lowestoft, 43866.

Keep checking back regularly for more updates.