Sunday, 14 July 2013

anglianbus - Special Report

317, pictured on Wednesday boarding at the bus station.
After my sighting of a previously unheard of Sanders vehicle last week, Sam has been in contact with Sanders, and he was informed that they have taken on three Scania L94UB Wright Solar's, both from Reading buses. The vehicles are:

316 - YN05 GXX
317 - YN06 NXS
318 - YN06 NXR

So far, the buses appear to be mainly employed on the 44S service between Norwich and Sheringham though Sanders have classed them as 'spare' vehicles.

229, now complete and ready for service.
Something else you might like to know is that Anglian's latest arrival 229, X229WRA is expected in service this week as she was seen today at anglians yard, fully repaired after a water leak featuring the rather smart new anglian logo. This bus is built mostly out of panels from her old sister, X228WRA who currently sits cannabalised at the back of the yard.

Thanks to Steven at konectbus, I can supply a table of information regarding every single anglian route as of September.

* = operated by konectbus
There are some other transfers between the two sister companies that are expected to happen in time for the new network in September:

217 - W217 PRB (konect to anglian)
302 - AU08 DKL (anglian to konect)
303 - AU08 DKN (anglian to konect)
219, the only Excel that will not be transferred to anglian.
414 - YJ55 BLX (anglian to konect)
415 - YJ06 FZK (anglian to konect)

the remaining Optare Excel (W219 PRB) is expected to stay at konectbus for use on an Easton College contract and the Tesco free bus, where 302 and 303 are expected to feature mainly on the 52.

In the repainting news, the next buses to be repainted are anglian's Excels that are still in konect livery, followed by the buses that are due to be transferred to konect listed above.

All the service changes I have listed above are still subject to change and are very much in the planning stages. Please check back here and on anglian's website nearer the time for the final, confirmed details.

A special thanks to Steven at konectbus, Marcus Kerton, Joe Wilson, Sam Larke, anglianbus and CarCom Bodyworks for helping me with this report.