Saturday, 27 July 2013

Caister Road Updates

Since our last post about Caister Road, a number of changes have taken place. Previously reported was that Great Yarmouth's final Plaxton Pointers were due to be transferred to Lowestoft. This has begun with 43481 now a permanent member of the Lowestoft fleet. 43480 is set to depart shortly. 

Other news includes two more Pointers at the back of Caister Road have been taken to the scrap yard, just leaving two left. The last ex-Jersey Dart is finally in its new home in Lowestoft. 43866 (EG52FGV) has been given a new engine, as has Yarmouth's 43863.

Finally, Enviro400 33423 (SN60CAA) has departed Caister Road to have a tacho fitted. It is still not clear what the near future for this bus holds. Once the new Enviro400s arrive for the X1, she is set to be used on the X1 Shorts between Norwich and Yarmouth but in the mean time, it is a possibility that she may be sent to Kings Lynn for use on the full X1 to allow the slow process of repainting the current X1 buses to begin.