Tuesday, 9 July 2013

FirstNorwich Begin Rebranding Scheme

As promised, FirstNorwich have began to rebrand the buses which are missing areas of branding due to window replacements etc. The process has began with 33165, which never received branding at all! Zak pictures 33165 with fleet names, but no colour branding as of yet.

Buses which will need rebranding are:

Generic (spare): 32100, 33057, 36171

Yellow Line: 32106, 33056

Purple Line: 33003

Red Line: 33158

Orange Line: 33169

Blue Line: 36174

It is also notable that 32100 was originally Turquoise branded. Kieran pictured her back in September with only the upper front window branded. It is argued that because she is often on other routes, she will be branded as a spare. This means she would be the only generic branded Volvo B7TL Plaxton President in FirstNorwich's fleet.